Torguard VPN Review

As the name clearly suggests, TorGuard is a secure outfit dedicated solely towards providing anonymity to internet users while sharing files using BitTorrent. The company provides a strong VPN package for the security-minded online users, and does not put any tabs on the internet usage and the information about IP and email addresses of the users. Founded in the year 2012, TorGuard is a relatively new player in the VPN business, but yet it manages to deliver a fast and secure VPN service in a fairly robust and enterprise-like manner. If these reasons aren’t convincing enough to make you opt for TorGuard as your primary VPN service provider, here are some specific set of features that may work out things.


Main Features of TorGuard

TorGuard has managed to become a very reputed name in the world of VPN services. The company offers a great deal of secure and over-the-edge VPN features to make your web connection completely anonymous, and provides secure internet access through multiple servers located in 8 different countries. The company allows P2P and torrent traffic on all its servers, except the ones located in the US, UK and New Zealand. What sets TorGuard apart from its competitors is its specific set of unmatchable features which include:

No internet connection logs and complete anonymity on VPN usage
Amazingly-priced packages
Supports P2P and Torrents on its international servers
Full DNS leak protection to protect the real IP address from being exposed online
Availability of several torrent-friendly proxy and VPNs
Unlimited speed and bandwidth through more than 30 servers located across 8 nations
Availability of PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP protocols

Privacy Protection

VPNs are mainly adopted to enjoy highly secure and anonymous internet access. There is no question of opting for VPN service if the company cannot guarantee user privacy protection. TorGuard follows the same policy and prioritizes the security of personal information of the users above everything else. Apart from secure VPN and BitTorrent services, the company also provides encrypted webmail. Emails are the first and foremost targets of the hackers, and TorGuard enables you to make them safe with its OpenPGP encryption, secure offshore server storage and bulk POP3 email input.

For BitTorrent plan users, TorGuard provides private IP address and anonymous torrent proxy for safe sharing of files. In the VPN plans, the company makes use of DNS leak protection and 256-bit encryption techniques and provides complete safety to the users.

OS, Device Support

TorGuard Android appTorGuard services generally come inclusive of active support for several secure VPN protocols, including PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. This enables you to make use of the service on a wide range of devices running on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems. Also, iPad, iPhone and Android smartphone users can easily make use of TorGuard services via their mobile devices. All kinds of torrent clients are supported by the services offered by this VPN company. All the features can be easily used with the help of an easy-to-use VPN software application that does not require any installation. The easy accessibility to a VPN network through five different devices at a single point of time makes TorGuard even more popular among its users.


TorGuard provides three different types of plans. The Torrent VPN Service plan starts at a negligible amount of $4.99/month and includes features like unlimited bandwidth, anonymous torrent IP, ready-to-run software and multiple OS support. The anonymous BitTorrent Proxy plan, starting from $5.95/month, provides unlimited speed and bandwidth, and anonymous BitTorrent IP and multi-platform support to the users. The Anonymous VPN service plan starts from $9.95 per month and includes unlimited bandwidth, access to all torrents, easy installation on multiple OS, and over 100 connection servers. There is a fourth anonymous email plan that starts around $6.95 per month and provides fully encrypted email access to the users. The 30-day money back guarantee is available for all plans and subscriptions and makes TorGuard services even more appealing to subscribe to.


Customer Support

TorGuard guarantees a 24x7x365 online support to the users through live chat as well as via an email ticket procedure. For experimental users, the company provides a vast FAQ and knowledge base section. There you can find information related to most of the common problems for more technical matters. The availability of quick and step-by-step tutorials makes the things further easier for the users. On the whole, TorGuard manages to deliver all that it promises in the given affordable packages. Regardless of the company being relatively new to the VPN market, it manages to provide everything needed to enjoy cheap, fast, secure and a secure internet access.

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