Boleh VPN Review

In 2007, BolehVPN was developed by several individuals who wanted to surf the web without having their personal information comprised. The inside project turned into a huge business, making it one of the largest personal VPN services in several areas, particularly in the South-East Asian region. BolehVPN provides services in various areas, including VPN, game server hosting, and custom server setup for customers living in areas including the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

Main Features of BolehVPN

From its VPN system to gaming services, BolehVPN offers several amenities that you can choose from. With its VPN system, the company provides multiple features to making this structure effective to you as a consumer. One of the biggest elements in the VPN system is the use ofprivacy and whether it can hold up to intruders lurking to acquire information. The company can ensure their clients’ privacy is protected because the IP is disguised during online usage, making it impossible for prowlers to steal information. The VPN system also uses an OpenVPN framework, which gives a more secure and steady connection compared to a Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP).

Screenshot of BolehVPN's softwarePeer 2 Peer, or P2P file sharing, is removed from the VPN system, making online traffic less hectic and personal information more secure. The system does not require a monthly transfer fee and you can choose what type of traffic is channeled through the VPN. If your device does not support OpenVPN, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) is available for use. L2TP enables ISPs to operate on VPNs through the use of PPTP and L2P (Layer2 Forwarding Protocol).

Public Wi-Fi protection is extremely important if you have to be online while away from home. The VPN system is available on your devices while you are away, preventing sensitive information from being seized or diverted at public Wi-Fi hotspots.

OS, Device Support

The VPN system is available through a wide assortment of devices, including Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, and Mac. Open VPN system is accessible through desktops and notebooks, but on mobile devices, it is only available through Android-based phones and tablets. L2TP are available through iPhone, iPads, and Android phones.


BolehVPN offers package deals for its services, ranging from three days to a full year. They offer a 1 day free trial; for 7 days, $3.70; and 30 days $9.99, 60-days is $16.99, while a full year is $79.99.

Customer Service websiteBesides offering diverse services to its clientele, the company also wants to be the best in customer service. BolehVPN wants you to have a positive experience with their products and services; therefore they offer everything from personalized customer support to engaging in public forums to even helping customers with maintaining and operating their services. From social media sites to email, each form of communication is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You will get a timely response no matter how you send your information. This shows that BolehVPN is thinking outside of the box with creating a different spin to customer service, making them a company not only you can rely on for valuable services, but also for quality customer care.

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