Iron Socket VPN Review

Anyone who has tracked the VPN industry for any length of time will have heard of “”. Hide My Net decided their brand needed to be reworked and made major changes to how they marketed themselves in 2013. This led to the creation of Iron Socket. So though the name is new the company is as experienced as any.

If you are looking to surf the web anonymously and having the other great benefits of a VPN then IronSocket might be the best option. Here is quick breakdown of their services:

*** Easy sign up, set-up, and easy to use
*** Secure anonymous browsing
*** Anonymously pay with 100’s of gift cards
*** Unlimited bandwidth
*** No traffic logs
*** Public Wifi hotspot protection
*** Servers in 35+ countries
*** 3 simulations connections
*** DNS proxy connection
*** Unblock censorship filters
*** Solid 24/7 customer support
*** Support for popular devices
*** 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

About IronSocket

Here is IronSocket’s mission statement: “We believe firmly in your right to browse the internet safely and securely; without fear of censorship or restriction, without worry that you are being tracked by aggressive marketers and government authorities. IronSocket provides technology, tools and services to make that possible. Our mission is to protect your online privacy.”

The desire to create the next-generation VPN and DNS services led to the upgrade/rebranding from HideMyNet, which was founded in 2005. IronSocket is simple, powerful, and provides affordable services that meets the needs of its customers. With top grade encryption, no usage tracking, and high performance servers available around the globe it is easy to see why customers stay with them.

Plans & Connecting

You can subscribe monthly, for six months, or yearly. The yearly price is a very good deal! All plans come with the ability for three simultaneous connections and it is very easy and inexpensive to add on more connections.

You can connect to their service with any device including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, Smart TV’s, routers, and more.

Unlock geographically restrictive website.

You will be able to access and stream content from back home while traveling and virtually travel to other countries by simply connecting to the proper server location of your choice. On their website they even have a channel guide that may give you some ideas of restrictive content to connect to.


They do have several servers that are optimized and support P2P. So if you are looking to download, upload, or just share torrents you will be able to use torrent software like qBittorrent, uTorrent, and Vuze with their service.

Servers / proxies

All their VPN servers support OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP and they also have DNS, HTTP, and SOCKS5 Proxy servers.

VPN service – offers secured connection by encrypting all traffic and routing all traffic through the VPN server, including all programs and application. VPN also offers anonymity as it changes the IP address of the user when accessing remote sites. If protecting your online privacy is important to you, then you should make use of a VPN.

HTTP proxy – is an anonymous proxy that works on web browsers and some proxy-enabled applications. With an HTTP proxy, you have the option to proxy selected applications. However, unlike VPN, it offers no encryption. It does, however, offer IP masking. HTTP proxy is best used for streaming media and other non-critical applications as it has excellent speed. It’s simple to set-up and easy to use.

SOCKS5 – is another type of anonymous proxy that works for proxying all traffic including DNS request. However, unlike VPN, it also offers no encryption. It does, however, offer IP masking. Applications like video games, IRC clients or instant messenger clients support SOCKS5.

DNS proxy – is used only to bypass geo-restriction when accessing sites like Netflix, Hulu or BBC. Unlike VPN, it does not provide IP masking or any form of encryption. However, because there is no encryption, it provides relatively faster connection to websites than VPN

Getting Started

Once you go to the IronSocket site and start your sign up you will need to give a valid email address, create a password, and utilize a payment method. You can pay anonymously. They accept bitcoin, most major gift card (Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Best Buy, ect.), PayPal, as well as traditional payment methods.

Quickly after payment you will receive a conformation email with setup and account details. The entire process was quick and painless. If you do run into trouble they have an easy to find and comprehensive portal that contains the following:

Premium Channel Guide – IronSocket’s high speed server network allows you to unblock content and stream music and video from over 70 different networks. New channels added regularly.

Server info – Find out which servers support P2P file transfers and where servers are located. Also find details on VPN, HTTP and DNS Proxy address information. New servers added regularly.

FAQ – Easy to understand answers to frequently asked technical questions about VPN and DNS services.

VPN Setup – Step-by-step guides to help get their VPN services up and running on Mac OSX, Windows PC, gaming consoles, media players, smart phones, supported routers and more.

Support ticket system – If you are an active IronSocket subscriber you can submit a support ticket here.
Email form – so you can contact them without or when unable to log in.

Privacy Policy

IronSocket has an extensive privacy policy and those that want to know the intricacies of what information is collected and where it can go you will find it here. It is much easier though to read what they do not do. The following is from the privacy policy posted on their website.

We do not collect information indiscriminately. We limit collection to the minimum amount necessary in order to analyze traffic on our Site and to provide Services to our registered users.
We do not track your web activities while logged into our virtual private network.
We do not use your information for purposes other than those to which you have consented.
We do not sell or trade personal information for commercial purposes.
We do not perform deep (or shallow) packet inspection of your traffic, except when requested by you for firewall and/or troubleshooting purposes.

We DELETE or DESTROY records pertaining to user information when they are no longer required. To make it easy for you to know what we collect (and why); we provide comprehensive explanations below. To make it easy for you to know how long we store information (on a territory-by-territory basis), we provide an easy reference guide.

If IronSocket sounds like the type of VPN service you would like, their team of network engineers, technology developers, and customer support gurus look forward to showing you what great VPN provider looks like. Click here to go to their website now and learn more.