IPVanish VPN Review

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IPVanish VPN is a U.S. based VPN service provider whose long stay in the industry has earned it a solid reputation and it is worth considering when searching for the best VPN service to enlist. With more than 15 years in the IP and network management industry, the company has built an extensive global presence that enables it to compete favorably with other top VPN providers.

Here is a full review of the company’s services and why you should consider subscribing to one of their plans.

Packages and Features

IPVanish VPN offers fairly affordable pricing options starting at $10.0 for the one month plan. As with most providers, users receive massive discounts when they purchase the yearly or three months plans at $77.99 and $26.99 respectively. That said, you don’t get a free trial with any plan, but the company offers a 7-day money back guarantee to test run the service.

To establish a connection, users need to download a simple VPN client. Once installed, a Wizard will take you through the entire connection process where you select a server and a suitable protocol.

There’s an online control panel where users can manage their account and billing details. Within the control panel, users can access a server list detailing server load information.


Regardless of your subscription plan, you have the option of choosing any one of the three VPN protocols: PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP. The OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit encryption is offered by default on all new connections and this offers a relatively high level of security. However, 128-bit encryption on L2TP and PPTP may also be used where it is impractical to use OpenVPN.

Privacy and Security

As mentioned in the previous section, the OpenVPN 256-bit encryption offered as standard on all connections ensures a high level of data security and integrity. But as far as privacy is concerned, there may be some small risks for users who are overly concerned about anonymity.

Since the company operates out of the United States, it is not required to maintain logs for users’ online activities. However, they keep certain bits of crucial information that may be used to trace a user when the need arises, such as user log-on and off times, the used IP address, and the amount of bandwidth consumed. They don’t track or record websites visited by users.

Another dent in the company’s privacy policy is that they keep users’ email addresses for marketing and promotional purposes, claiming that they do not share that information with third parties.

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Customer Support

Both existing users and prospect customers will find the IPVanish VPN website relatively sufficient for information on how to get started. The website features a professional interface with an attractive lay out and lots of information on why you should choose the company’s VPN services.

Customer support is provided through email and live chat that is mostly responsive during US working hours (Eastern Time).

Pros and Cons

IPVanish VPN offers an impeccable service that is largely reliable, with impressive connection speeds on most servers. Users will also appreciate the standard 256-bit encryption offered as default with the OpenVPN protocol, providing more than adequate security against online threats. An extensive list of server locations and an east to use client complete the company’s strongest points.

The major downside is that users’ email addresses are stored permanently, and even though the company claims that they are kept for promotional purposes only, some users may find this unsettling.

Overall, there are very little negatives to write about the quality of service offered by IPVanish VPN. The service is well above average and fairly reliable. However, for those with a heightened need for privacy, you might like to think twice before enlisting this service.